Not only does chiropractic care during pregnancy safeguards that mom feels great physically – by decreasing low back pain & increasing flexibility – but it also ensures that mom has enough energy for the labor and delivery she desires.

Dr. Kristina Skraitz: Trained & Experienced
Using the Webster Technique

The Webster Technique is a specific pregnancy chiropractic technique which contains a three prong approach (osseous, ligamentous, and muscular) to allow optimal stability, strength, and alignment of the pelvis and uterus during pregnancy, labor, & delivery.

This care approach can aide in labor with reducing round ligament pain, uterine torsion, and allows optimal space for baby’s growth and development during pregnancy, as well as optimal alignment for more ideal delivery outcomes!

Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care:

  • Comfort & Relief – Provides considerable comfort during pregnancy to improve overall health, while also reducing neck, back, & pelvic pain
  • Labor & Delivery – Supports natural labor & delivery, as well as reduces average labor times
  • Optimal Positioning – Encourages optimal fetal position by maintaining healthy pelvic balance

Postpartum Care

Pregnancy and birth are two of the most intense experiences women go through, not only emotionally but physically. Throughout the birthing process, the birth mother’s hips shift and adjust more than they ever have before! The rest of the body is pushed to its limit as the baby grows, but it also bears the brunt of coping with contractions, lying in hospital beds, and birthing a baby. Considering how tense one’s entire body is and how hard it must work throughout labor and delivery, it’s easy to recognize that chiropractic adjustments are an important part of postpartum care.

How Postpartum Chiropractic Care Helps

While getting adjusted shortly after giving birth may be one of the last things on your mind or ever growing to-do list, it is crucial to your postpartum recovery and journey into this wonderful new phase of motherhood.

Your body will quickly begin to transition back to its pre-pregnancy form by shrinking the uterus back to normal size and tightening ligaments back up. If your spine is out of alignment even the slightest bit after delivery the ligament contracture can hold your body in an abnormal, altered physical state leading to low back or neck pain, headaches, decreased rib cage expansion during breathing, and even decreased breast milk supply.

Motherhood also requires that you perform all sorts of new, repetitive tasks such as breastfeeding, carrying your baby, lugging around car seats, wrestling with strollers, and falling asleep in awkward positions to ensure the baby’s comfort. The more aligned your body is during this time, the healthier you will be as your body recovers.

Another positive of receiving chiropractic care is that it can stem Postpartum Depression.  After childbirth, moms deal with a slew of challenging issues, whether worrying that they’ll never regain their pre-baby shape, fearing that sexual intercourse may hurt or no longer be enjoyable, managing all of the postpartum pain, and adjusting to demanding new sleep patterns and breastfeeding schedules.

All of these events combined can result in a serious case of postpartum depression. Some women seem to expect a certain degree of postpartum depression and think that time will eliminate it, but these feelings must be addressed and treated. If you’re feeling depressed during pregnancy or after childbirth, please let us know so that we can effectively design a care plan specifically to meet your needs.